To access probe wavelengths from near 350 nm, CaF2 needs to be used for continuum generation. Due to a higher continuum generation threshold in CaF2 and a lower thermal conductivity compared to sapphire, it is necessary to periodically move the substrate while generating the continuum.

The UV-Continuum is a CaF2 based continuum generation module for Helios with the spectral range of 350 nm – 750 nm. It includes a mounted high quality CaF2 crystal and a computer controlled motorized translation stage for moving the crystal and providing a stable high quality continuum. The stage module controls are integrated into the Helios data acquisition software.



Spectral Range:
350-750 nm

uv continuum

Femtosecond UV enhanced continuum generated in CaF2 in Helios

Maximum Translation Range:

From 0 mm to 11 mm, where 0 mm corresponds to the lowest position of the platform.

Controls Integrated into Helios Software

Control Software Screenshot

Control Software Screenshot