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Ultrafast Systems is proud to announce an
Application Programming Interface (API) for all our
transient absorption and fluorescence spectrometers.

Ultrafast Application Programming Interface (API)

Ultrafast Systems now has an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows integration of our transient absorption and fluorescence spectrometers with external applications. The API gives users programmatic control of the main spectrometer software, allowing for additional experiment automation. The API facilitates fast user development of custom software for using Ultrafast Systems’ spectrometers in conjunction with other equipment. Applications include automatic variation of pump intensity (Filter Wheel control) and wavelength (OPA control), control of the sample temperature, integration of additional delay lines and more. The information about the experiment parameters can be programmatically included in the comments section of data file to be later displayed in Surface Xplorer. The API is provided as a dll that can be called using a variety of programming languages. A sample program and source code written for LabVIEW 8.6 is provided as an example. The API is now included in our spectrometer software at no extra charge.