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Ultrafast Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of optical spectrometers with high time resolution, with particular focus on femtosecond and picosecond time scales. Our family of products represents the state-of-the-art in technology and the utmost in user friendliness. No other manufacturer of time-resolved spectrometers has the same extensive range of products. Our software for experiment control and data analysis is without parallel.

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We are very happy with the overall performance of our Helios/Eos system. Complete integration of both VIS and NIR transient absorption experiments over the femtosecond to microsecond time range has been exceedingly valuable for the systems we are studying. Experiments are quickly and easily reconfigurable for all of the different options. There is an easily customizable sample area for different sample conditions, including cryostats, films, and flow cells. The compact design of the entire apparatus frees up much of the laser table for OPAs/NOPAs and relevant delay lines. We strongly recommend this system for anyone wanting to be immediately productive in their transient absorption experiments.

Dr. Michael R. Wasielewski
Northwestern University

The HELIOS system has become one of the most requested instruments at the Center for Nanoscale Materials and is usually booked a month or two in advance.


Dr. David Gosztola
Argonne National Laboratory

We are very happy with our HELIOS transient absorption spectrometer.  The Ultrafast Systems engineers set it up over a 2-day period within a week of our laser delivery. We were able to get high quality data from the beginning, and it has been very reliable and robust since then.  The software is also intuitive and easy to use and understand.

Dr. Jason Baxter
Drexel University

Purchasing the HELIOS system has saved us a lot of time in building the instrument and writing the code. We use it all the time and it is great. The Surface Xplorer software is very good for analyzing the data. I would highly recommend purchasing this instrument!

Dr. Joy E. Haley
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

The HELIOS spectrometer from Ultrafast Systems is a state of the art technology that deserves to be on the benchtop of every photochemist. The pricing of the whole package is modest and it is user-friendly. For us, it was a big saving of manpower and time. The system is well thought out. Its simplicity, compactness and ease of use are some of the best features that I have ever seen in any commercial or homebuilt system.

Prof. Prashant Kamat
University of Notre Dame

The HELIOS system is the most convenient we’ve used for ultrafast transient absorption detection, and achieves excellent signal-to-noise with very little day-to-day adjustment. The technical and customer support have been excellent.

Dr. Emily Weiss
Northwestern University

I’ve set up a number of pump-probe experiments including a white-light continuum probe-based system. Based on this, I can certainly say that the attention to detail paid when developing the HELIOS instrument has paid off in terms of convenience and reliability. Since the moment we’ve had the HELIOS installed it has become one of the most used pieces of equipment in our labs and has certainly rewarded the investment we’ve put in.


Dr. Joel Hales
Georgia Institute of Technology

The EOS system is a great add-on to my broadband femtosecond pump-probe system. The two setups share the same kilohertz laser as the excitation source. EOS is a user-friendly, turn-key system. The high quality and thoughtful design makes it very reliable and convenient to use. All my facility users love the system. I would highly recommend the purchase of this system.


Dr. Su Lin
Arizona State University

The HELIOS and EOS spectrometers have become the core of my user program. Maintaining an ultrafast transient absorption system for a wide range of users with highly varied backgrounds is complex, and the simple user interface and straightforward alignment allows me to support a much larger user base. That being said, the results from the system are not impacted by its ease of use, and are amongst the best I have produced.


Dr. Adam Schwartzberg
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The femtosecond spectrometer system we obtained from you is terrific, providing excellent and valuable data for us. We appreciate that very much. Because I have many friends in Japan, I hope that our high evaluation on your company help your business in Japan.


Dr. Shunichi Fukuzumi
Osaka University